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Our "Log" units are what we call "stompers". They are not guitar effects pedals
(stomp boxes) but instruments in their own right. They are designed to create a beat behind what you're playing and can be used very simply by tapping your feet 2 ,3 or 4 times per bar etc or by using the instrument selectively to create dynamic changes and accents. When plugged into a PA or bass amp they will create the sound of a kick drum or,in the case of our new "Rattlebox", a snare/side stick.

Endorsees Gallery


Dave Swift of The Jools Holland Band  Wallis Bird with her Mk3 Logarhythm AdamIsaac

From left :Dave Swift (Jools Holland), Wallis Bird, New Endorsee: Adam Isaac


New Rattlebox Demo




Check out our new Rattlebox !!!

Rattlebox in stock now here


Logjam exhibiting at Mansons Guitar Show, Exeter,October 3rd 2015. Come and see us...

Logjam exhibiting at NAMM 2016 Stand 1433 Hall E NAMM-logo


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